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Themes for Activities

If you are looking for some inspiration for activities to do with your unit, please take a look below at our A - Z of Programme Ideas:

- Africa, animals, Australia, air, America, archery, acting, abseiling, aerobics, aeroplanes

B - Bears, blue, black, bodies, bubbles, boxes, butterflies, bowling, balloon modelling, beetle drive, brand tasting, board games, baking, BBQ, bag-packing, beads, bird box

- Circus, clowns, circles, collage, cooking, China, camp, cakes, candle making, cosmetics, campfire, challenges, canoeing, calligraphy, chocolate, Christmas, cinema, climbing, codes, computers

D - Dragons, dance, drama, discussion, design, decoupage, debates, diversity

- Elephants, ears, eyes, emojis, Easter, egg hunt, expedition, embossing, environment, employment, emotions

F - Food, fish, feet, frogs, festivals, friends, fruit, face paints, fundraising, fridge magnets, fitness, first aid, fondue, foot painting, finger painting, football, fire lighting, fairtrade

- Games, green, glass painting, gardening, gliding, golf

H - Homes, hands, helping, horse riding, hair, history, history of Guiding, hikes, holidays

I - Ice cream, ice, India, ice skating, international

J - Jelly, jumping, jokes, jumble sale, joint meeting, juggling, jewellery

- Kites, kangaroos, knots, kayaking

L - Lines, London, light & dark, line dancing

M - Mice, Mexico, moon, me, masks, music, minibeasts, muffins, massage, makeover, map reading, mini-pioneering, murder mystery

N - Newspapers, noises, nail care, night hike, nutrition

O - Olympic games, orange, outdoors, outdoor cooking, orienteering, origami, owls, Our Cabana, Our Chalet

- Pax Lodge, pigs, princesses, painting, puppets, pandas, photos, pampering, personal values, pancakes, pizzas, parachute games, pottery

- Queens, quiz night, quilling, quilts

- Royal family, Russia, red, running, ready steady cook, rock climbing, rules and regulations, relationships, relaxation, religions, road signs, rights

- Squares, Switzerland, smiles, senses, skipping, space, singing, self-defence, sleepovers, sailing, swimming, Sangam, soap

T - Tea, trees, team building, trains, trips, tai chi, tracks, trails, theatre, texting

U - Underground, unicycling, umbrella, unicorn, up, under the sea

V - Vikings, voting, Valentines, velcro, vegetables, voices, vegetarian/vegan

W - Weather, windows, white, walks, world, water, world, word games, wide-games, walking, well-being, windsurfing

X - X-ray

Y- Yellow, yoga

Z - Zoo, zebra, zoom

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