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5 Minute Fillers

Need something to fill some time during your meeting?

We have gathered together some ideas for you to try!

Catch a Story

  • Start by sitting together in a circle
  • The leader will start the story with 'Once upon a times there was a...' and then rolling a ball to someone in the circle
  • The person that catches the ball has to finish the leader's sentence as quickly as possible. You then roll the ball onto another girl. The story will grow as the ball moves around the circle
  • Keep rolling the ball and adding sentences to the story until the leader calls out 'The end!'

This can be played in a circle but also while the group moves around the room in different directions.


Steal the Treasure

  • Start by sitting together in a circle
  • Place a chair in the middle of the circle and select one girl to guard a set of keys which sits below the chair. She must sit on the chair with a blindfold/closed eyes
  • Nominate a girl to try to steal the keys without the guard noticing
  • If the guard hears the player, then she must point at her
  • Nominate another player until the keys are obtained
  • Once a the 'villain' has successfully obtained the keys, the guard must chase the villain back to the seat in the middle
  • If the villain gets back without getting caught, then she becomes the guard


Land, Sea, Air

  • Start by standing in a circle, with the leader in the middle
  • She points to an individual shouting 'land', 'sea' or 'air'
  • The girls must respond by naming an animal that lives in that area
  • For example, if 'land' is shouted - the response could be 'rhino'
  • You can continue the games for as long as necessary



  • The opposite of hide and seek
  • A few players go and hide in separate locations
  • After a delay everyone sets off to find the hidden girls
  • When one girl finds another, she must hide in the same place
  • This continues until all of the girls are hidden
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